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Top Texas Elopement Locations

Flat land and rolling hill's make up most of Texas' landscape. Some would never believe the beauty that lies in Big Bend National Park located at the border of Mexico.

Couple, Matt and Leslie, have an adventurous love. They got engaged at Black Canyon in Colorado and they decided they wanted something equally as magical for their wedding.

Matt and Leslie decided they wanted to have an intimate elopement with only their family present. They wouldn't have to travel far to find their dream location. They decided on Santa Elena Canyon in West Texas. When they inquired with me I was so excited to help them capture such an amazing vision.

There are many advantages to the wedding they chose. They got to spend intimate time with the people most important to them, they got married in an amazing location at a low cost, and they created beautiful art that will last them forever. You don't have to break the bank to have the wedding of your dreams.

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